SNL Season 47 Episode 1: Owen Wilson Sketches Ranked

Biden Unites Democrats Cold Open

  • Scooby Doo line – very funny
  • James’ Biden is spot on. I also really enjoy Alex’s Chuck Schumer impression in this.
  • I wish the cold open was a bit shorter, as the average attention span of viewers is not this long.


Owen Wilson Monologue

  • Solid Monologue from Owen Wilson tonight.
  • I am a little bummed as this would have been the perfect time for Melissa to show off her perfect Owen Wilson impression.
  • Not too much to say here. Good monologue that got the show starting on a high note.


Women’s Talk Show

  • Sketch didn’t do anything for me.
  • Cecily’s “I can’t keep up!” when talking about how to say the Pope was pretty funny.
  • Overall felt as though the premise wasn’t strong enough and the delivery of the lines didn’t do anything to carry the weight either.


Billionaire Star Trek

  • Mikey’s Elon Musk was a funny addition.
  • Personally, I love the slapstick comedy sketches. This was not meant to one of those sketches, however the performances here were good so I am doing my best to focus on that.
  • Overall, this didn’t stand out to me, but the impressions were good.


Cars 4

  • Owen’s first “Kachow” sounds like it made everyone in the audience happy (including me).
  • Funny concept of the inappropriate lines for the next Cars movie.
  • James’ Larry the Cable Guy impression is very good, hopefully they keep using James this season!
  • Funny to bring in that scene with Mater’s sister. “Power!”


School Board Meeting

  • Mikey’s voice is hilarious.
  • Andrew’s soft “bitch” might have been my favorite line from the whole episode.
  • Pete’s Dog the Bounty Hunter appearance is pretty great.
  • I like how this sketch had the rotation of many new and old cast members. It gave a lot of them a quick spotlight on the first episode.
  • Bowen’s recurring joke was a good addition to the sketch.


Weekend Update

“If I was wanted, probably wouldn’t be missing”

“The paint is so white, I’m it’s favorite part of SNL.” – Colin Jost

Some funny likes from Pete jabbing at his Met Gala outfit and also at Colin’s Tom and Jerry movie.

Overall, Great Weekend Update to start off the new season. Solid jokes from everyone and a tribute to Norm.


Funeral Song

  • Heidi’s stills in the background are making me laugh
  • “and then she jumped”
  • Keenan playing the beat for the second song on the casket was already funny so the fact that it ended up being “Ignition” was just marvelous.
  • Overall, I think this sketch had a lot of great jokes, however it wasn’t showstopping.


NFL on Fox

  • James’ Announcer voice is spot on.
  • Funny how the Crazy House promo is always incoming on James’ ear as if its breaking news for the broadcasters.
  • Thumbs up for the Crazy House interruptions getting larger on the screen every time.
  • The recurring “Troy, let’s not guess” line is pretty funny.
  • James has had a lot of appearances this episode. He has flawlessly showcased himself. He makes it seem as though he has been here longer than just this episode!
  • Short but sweet sketch


Main-In Testing Service

  • Happy to see two featured players take control this sketch.
  • Andrew and Sarah are showing good comedic chemistry together, looking forward to their future skits.
  • Can see Aristotle sporadically throughout this episode, hoping we will be able to see more of him this season.
  • Overall, this sketch didn’t stand out to me, but I still enjoyed watching it.


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