SNL Season 46 Episode 1: Chris Rock Sketches Ranked

First Debate Cold Open

  • Bringing in the big guns here with Alec Baldwin, Jim Carey, and Maya Rudolph – great choices.
  • “Mr. President, if you keep interrupting this debate, I’ll do absolutely nothing about it.”
  • This is actually less chaotic than the actual debate.
  • Jim’s Joe Biden face is scarily spot on.
  • This was highly anticipated as everyone has been waited for SNL to absolutely rip on that debate.
  • Overall, great sketch that has also gone viral. Perfect way to bring in past favorite cast members to start off Season 46.


Chris Rock Monologue

  • Right off that bat, I have to say Chris Rock is such a great speaker. He truly captivates when he is on stage.
  • Lots of thought-provoking lines.
  • Very profound monologue as the season opener, and I am sure glad it started out that way.


Superspreader Event

  • Off to a very strong start with “Edith Puthie”
  • “Hopefully you can find Mike Litt later and finish what you started there.”
  • Mikey and Beck did a great job as reporters at the scene.
  • Overall funny concept of all bad names.


Bottom of Your Face ft. Megan Thee Stallion

  • Ego keeping up with Megan is everything.
  • When the girls started roasting the guys and then Chris Redd goes “Okay y’all took this a way I ain’t mean.”
  • Chris Redd and Chris Rock crushed it in this.
  • Song is catchy!


Future Ghost

  • Kind of funny how he was only focused on the advancement in technology.
  • “And she’s a dentist now, respect!”
  • Overall, just okay. I think the idea of this sketch is funnier than the actual sketch.


The Drew Barrymore Show

  • Chloe’s impressions are so spot on.
  • From Drew to Reese to Nicole, so impressive.
  • “I feel that Linda, and that’s why we’re paying to renovate your walk-in closet!”


Weekend Update

  • Good number of funny jokes ripping on Trump


  • Bowen Yang is definitely a standout cast member. He really takes his characters to the next level. There was a lot stacked into his 3-minute slot.


  • White Claw joke was pretty funny.


  • Her saying Michael made me laugh.



NBA Bubble

  • Kind of a confusing intro to the premise.
  • Pretty bland, nothing shocking, just the repeat of different women coming in.
  • Love Maya Rudolph to death, but I wished they could have included her in a different sketch, not even Maya could save this.


Stunt Performers

  • “Which was hard because then we had to go and shoot the scene.” – best line
  • Kate and Aidy make a great duo.
  • I really enjoyed their roles in this sketch, however I felt that it still had potential to be more.


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