SNL Season 47 Episode 9: Paul Rudd Sketches Ranked

THE HOST: Paul Rudd

This post is going to be a little different than all of my other ranking posts. This is because this SNL had a very unfortunate last-minute change happen this week. Due to a COVID outbreak at SNL, majority of the cast and crew were unable to be present for the show. Only two cast members, Michael Che and Kenen Thomson were able to join. Tom Hanks and Tina Fey joined as well, with Tina joining Michael Che in Weekend Update.

Paul Rudd joined the FiveTimers Club this episode. Most sketches were not able to be done, there were still some pre-taped sketches that they aired. Aside from those, this episode was filled with past holiday sketches.


As the episode progressed, I was getting sad as I thought all of the sketches shown would only be from past years. Then Christmas Socks saved the day. It was getting increasingly funnier as it went on. Just when I thought it was ending, TJ Rocks jumped in!

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the other new sketches that they showed; therefore, I will only include this one.

There were many reruns that I did enjoy, including a funny sketch with Ryan Gosling, and this sketch with Chris Rock.

Even though this episode did not go as planned. I think it was inspiring to see that the show still went on. They did what they could their situation. I do feel bad for Paul, as this was his FiveTimers episode. Hopefully SNL will get him back on as a host as soon as it possible and safe to do so.

What did you think from this episode? Was there another sketch you loved? Do you wish to see Paul Rudd host again? Let me know!

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