SNL Season 47 Episode 4: Jason Sudeikis Sketches Ranked

THE HOST: Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is an American actor, comedian, producer and writer. Jason was in the SNL cast for ten years. Now he is starring in the Apple TV hit TV show, Ted Lasso (very good!). One of his most popular characters, The Devil, which actually comes back for an appearance in this episode.

How my ratings work:

There are 3 rankings possible. These will be chosen as my personal top 3 skits of the episode. The rankings go from bronze, to silver, and then gold. Gold will take on the glory of being as my favorite skit of the night.

There will also be an honorable mention. This may be only a short line from a character, a group of characters, or maybe even a whole skit that I find worthy of getting a spotlight.

DISCLAIMER: These are my PERSONAL ratings. Keep in mind I am a 20-year-old college student so our humor may not be the same. The skits that I think are the funniest may not be the funniest to you, and that’s okay! That being said, I would love to hear if you do disagree! Below is a poll with all skits from this episode, PLEASE vote for your favorite skit from this episode! There is also a comment section below, let me know your thoughts!

BRONZE: Science Room

Fun Fact: Melissa accidentally mispronounced the name “Lonnie.” Jason’s reaction to him “mispronouncing” the girls name wrong this whole time was all improvs! Melissa mentioned this on her Instagram story shortly after the episode aired.

SILVER: Mellen

The upbeat “I’m Mellen” lines in between the obscure talk show moments had me laughing. If anyone else was to play Mellen in this skit, I’m not sure I would’ve loved it as much. Jason was perfect. His mannerisms and delivery are so great in this. I love all of the talk show quirks that are just knockoffs of Ellen.

GOLD: The Devil on His Latest Accomplishments

Happy to see the devil after many years. The devil has been very busy and was happy to let us know what was under his name. Funny that he confirmed QAnon wasn’t even his doing. This was very enjoyable to watch and felt like only one minute. once it was finished, I thought it was done too quick! I think that was a good sign I should rate it the gold for this episode.

Honorable Mention: Aidy and Aristotle in Declaration Pitch

Aidy and Aristotle show up at the end of this skit. They are only there for maybe 20 seconds, but I think it was my favorite 20 seconds of the whole show. It is so random; I am so happy a writer decided to think of it. Aidy breaking character and Aristotle following in laughter only made it better.

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