SNL Season 47 Episode 6: Jonathon Major Sketches Ranked

THE HOST: Jonathon Majors

Jonathon Majors is a 32-year-old American actor. His most recent role has been the character “He who Remains” in the Marvel series Loki. He is set to appear in the new Marvel film, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2023.

How my ratings work:

There are 3 rankings possible. These will be chosen as my personal top 3 skits of the episode. The rankings go from bronze, to silver, and then gold. Gold will take on the glory of being as my favorite skit of the night.

There will also be an honorable mention. This may be only a short line from a character, a group of characters, or maybe even a whole skit that I find worthy of getting a spotlight.

DISCLAIMER: These are my PERSONAL ratings. Keep in mind I am a 20-year-old college student so our humor may not be the same. The skits that I think are the funniest may not be the funniest to you, and that’s okay! That being said, I would love to hear if you do disagree! Below is a poll with all skits from this episode, PLEASE vote for your favorite skit from this episode! There is also a comment section below, let me know your thoughts!

BRONZE: Broadway Benefit

In this skit, a sweet couple take their young daughter watch a Broadway show that the mom watched all the time as a child. Turns out, the whole musical was about drugs! This was my favorite Jonathon Majors performance from this episode. Jonathon’s impressive dance moves really made an impact too.

SILVER: Man Park





Watching men bonding with other men at a man park was something I didn’t realize I missed in life.

GOLD: Please Don’t Destroy – Three Sad Virgins

The Please Don’t Destroy boys strike again with this hilarious music video starring Pete Davidson and Taylor Swift. Pete Davidson plays his cool celebrity self as he humiliates the three boys, calling them “three sad virgins.”

Honorable Mention: Weekend Update – Sarah Sherman

Really loved Sarah’s energy in this. The “Breaking news” lines from Sarah kept getting better and better. I felt like everyone was genuinely enjoying the back and forth with her, rather than other episodes where it is not as strong. Looking forward to seeing what Sarah does in the future!

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