SNL Season 47 Episode 7: Simu Liu Sketches Ranked


Simu’s age, at the time of this episode, is 32 years old. He started off his acting career as a stuntman, and slowly started to dive into the acting side of the industry where he got his first main role on CBS’s Kim’s Convenience in 2015. He is best known for playing the lead in the 2021 Marvel movie that is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

How my ratings work:

There are 3 rankings possible. These will be chosen as my personal top 3 skits of the episode. The rankings go from bronze, to silver, and then gold. Gold will take on the glory of being as my favorite skit of the night.

There will also be an honorable mention. This may be only a short line from a character, a group of characters, or maybe even a whole skit that I find worthy of getting a spotlight.

DISCLAIMER: These are my PERSONAL ratings. Keep in mind I am a 20-year-old college student so our humor may not be the same. The skits that I think are the funniest may not be the funniest to you, and that’s okay! That being said, I would love to hear if you do disagree! Below is a poll with all skits from this episode, PLEASE vote for your favorite skit from this episode! There is also a comment section below, let me know your thoughts!

BRONZE: Target Thanksgiving Ad

Everything about this skit was so accurate. Simu Liu was a little too good at being the annoying new boyfriend. I considered giving him this week’s honorable mention for that character alone. His talk about watching a Netflix special on animal cruelty and his mansplaining about cryptocurrency was giving me actual war flashbacks. The one family bringing a dog even though they were asked specifically not made me chuckle as well. These painfully accurate yet funny people were why I decided to give this skit the bronze for this episode.

SILVER: Thanksgiving Baking Championship

The cakes being alive is what singlehandedly got this skit the silver for this episode. Mike (Simu Liu)’s little rap at the beginning of his cake reveal made me laugh too.

GOLD: Simu & Bowen

Lots of jokes in this skit. Absolutely loved Bowen’s quick IBS joke. From the splash mountain deadpan to the “You Pick 2” Panera awards, there were so many jokes that fit into only three minutes. Bowen’s competitive twist at the end solidified the Gold for this episode.

Honorable Mention: Please Don’t Destroy – Touch Up

This skit was cut for time, but I personally loved it. These guys can not miss!

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